Logo design is my current favorite graphic design endeavor.

Island Con hired me for the first two Conventions in 2012, and for the third Convention in 2014. These logos each represent a theme described to me by the Con’s director and founder.

The Tomorrow League is a fictional band of two-fisted scientists, tasked with exploring the solar system in a series of sci-fi stories set in the 1950s. My friends wanted a logo to represent the group, and I challenged myself to create a logo that worked as a Black and White image, a color image, and a faded and distressed, "years later" image.

Tomorrow’s Hope is a game I have supported with layout and design work since early 2016. The premise of the fictional setting is a distant future where scarcity is no longer an issue for humanity. They have colonized all the planets of their system, and are now reaching into the vastness of space to make contact with other life-forms and cultures. EXAR is somewhere between the coastguard and diplomatic envoys. The first version of the logo was based on the current UN logo, but feedback from the creator lent me to create something based more on the FBI badge. The final touch was changing the core of the logo from Earth to our entire solar system.