These are projects I was in charge of taking from concept to completion.

  • For Motovixens, Happion Labs, & Univar

MotoVixens is the premiere business for women who ride. They offer training for the novice or seasoned rider, and merchandise for women, a demographic that motorcycle riding and racing often ignores. I’m proud to be supporting a company that’s working to bring equality to women on the track.

CastleHeart is an online video game built for kids 13 and under. It’s primary theme is the convergence of four worlds. The Avalonian world is a mythic European realm of castles and wizardry, the Terran realm is a blasted wasteland of post-apocalyptic survival, the Imperium is a world of advanced cybertechnology, and the Xenonian Empire is an alien landscape crystals. Each set of Icons needed to have a flavor that harmonized with these themes, so each class of logos has a similar theme to the modifications. To save on costs nearly all of these icons were acquired from Free Game Icons dot org, which gave me a head start, and a unified look to begin with. My alterations filtered each logo into a theme, making them unique to the CastleHeart experience.

I was tasked with re-vamping the entire look, from start to finish, for the in-house café at a large corporate campus in Redmond. I worked with a project manager representing the company, and the head chef for the kitchen, starting with just the existing logo and color palette, and from there creating a series of large and small signs that had a chalkboard feel. We used black dibond with a print-direct method that required the entire job be rendered in vector graphics. The final result was something much more affordable, and much more durable, than a series of black chalkboards, but, at a glance, looking practically indistinguishable.