Published Work

These are the projects I self-published, or did the layout work to help publish.

  • For Gray Pawn Designs, Berengad Games
  • Date 2014 to present

Treehouse Dreams is the game I am most proud of and, so far, the one that has reached the largest audience. I designed this game as a combination of imagination exercise and sharing experiment. As you play the game each card asks you to imagine a part of the Treehouse you’re dreaming of building together. And each answer involves telling a little about who you are. Even in the smallest details you can learn a great deal about a person.

Meridian is a game I’ve been a fan of since it was just notes in a spreadsheet. Christian, the author and founder of Berengad Games, approached me to make the finalized version of the game after seeing a prototype I’d put together as a fanboy some years before the final production. The end result was 82 poker sized cards, 30 tarot sized cards, and a 20 page saddlestiched booklet.

My Patreon was opened and advertised by word of mouth starting in July, 2016. My goal with this series of projects is to share thoughts and stories about a made up city called the Metronox. Each month I release another artifact from this world, such as posters, post cards, maps, travel advertisements or business cards; each with a story surrounding the art, and a story behind the scenes about what friend inspired the creation of that art.